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There are hundreds maybe even thousands of good digital libraries and collections available today. Problem is they contain someone else's information.

Other Digital Libraries use search engines to locate data. This is very useful and large companies have done very well providing search engine services. However, knowing which documents contain words matching search terms is not as useful as knowing what the information is.

Future present...
The NVI-DataNet Digital Library System is a giant leap forward. Our unique approach gathers the individual elements of knowledge hidden inside your data. Then we coordinate those bits of knowledge from all the data in the library giving you a highly focused and integrated answer to any line of inquiry!

Getting personal...
The NVI-DataNet Digital Library System brings you powerful information management using your information. The NVI-DataNet Digital Library System is simple and convenient to use. Just upload and index your collection of information. Instantly you have access to hidden knowledge locked away in your data.



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